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The ship condition inspection is carried out by NORI surveyors who perform a series of full examination to verify the current ship condition and the effectiveness of the management on board.

Based on guidelines and requirements of the ship insurers, referring to the related Codes and Conventions; activities through direct examination, testing on ships, NORI surveyors - usually those with seniority at sea - will make recommendations in time, contribute shipowners to remedy effectively the risks inherent in ship operation.

Depending on types of ships (such as general cargo ships, bulk carriers, container ships, oil tankers, chemical ships, LPG ships, cargo frozen ships, passenger or ro-ro passenger ships, tugboats, service rig ship), NORI surveyors will directly perform ship condition survey and complete a full report to submit to the customers.


The full report includes the minimum content which describes ship conditions, accompanied by illustraions and documents. thiết kế