Provide high quality, deep understanding and effective solution for marine and non-marine surveying services in Vietnam

Nowadays, NORI is well known as a service provider for loss prevention survey in the ports of Ho Chi Minh City and the Southern of Viet Nam.

NORI regularly receives requirements for loss prevention survey on the cargo damage to the shipment of fertilizer and animal feed from 1,000 tons to 50,000 tons, especially many imported and exported kinds of iron and steel which are transported on many domestic and foreign carriers.

With the aim of minimizing the loss of goods at the ports, with a closed process includes ships’ draft survey, suppervising liquid cargo at buoys, barges draft survey, sealed and escorted barges to the cargo interests; monitoring bagging, weighbridge at the port and cargo interest’s warehouses, etc. NORI is always trusted by domestic insurers and import-export companies.

Below are some of survey Nori carried out thiết kế